To connect your UltiPro (UKG Pro) account, you must create a service account for the application you are connecting to.

If you already have a service account, you may use that one.

Step by step guide

  1. Navigate to Menu > System Configuration > Service Account Administration and click Add. UKG-Pro-Finch-Connect-1.png

  2. Enter a User name and E-mail. These fields can be anything you want. The e-mail does not need to exist. Copy and paste the user name into Finch Connect.

  3. On the permissions grid, select View for each permission listed on Finch Connect.
    Note: the pictures below are just an example. Please consult your own Finch Connect page for the full list of permissions you need. UKG-Pro-Finch-Connect-2.png UKG-Pro-Finch-Connect-3.png

  4. Click Save. Copy and paste the generated password into Finch Connect. You should also save it in a secure location.

  5. Navigate to Security > Web Services and copy and paste the Customer API Key into Finch Connect’s API Key field. UKG-Pro-Finch-Connect-4.png

  6. On the same page, find the Service Endpoint Subdomain by copying the subdomain from one of the endpoints (example: https://[subdomain] Copy and paste the [subdomain] value into Finch Connect. UKG-Pro-Finch-Connect-5.png

Additional Instructions - Assisted Benefits Only

The instructions below are only necessary if you planning on making use of the Benefits product. Please reach out to your developer to confirm if you are unsure if these additional steps are required to finalize your connection.

  1. Log in to UKG

  2. Navigate to the Administration tab

  3. Click on Manage Employees > My Employees

  4. Click on the + icon to add a new employee - a new window will open UKG-Pro-Finch-Connect-6.png

  5. Fill out the necessary information. In order to navigate to the proceeding section once asterisked information is completed, click Next → UKG-Pro-Finch-Connect-7.png

    • Start

      • First Name: <Developer Name>
      • Last Name: Admin
      • SSN: 123456789
    • Personal

      • Address: 2412 Harrison Street, San Francisco, CA 94110
      • Email: <Developer Email>
      • Ethnic Origin: Not specified
      • I-9 verification: No
      • DOB: 11/11/1990
      • Gender: Male
      • Marital Status: None
    • Dates

      • Original Hire Date: Date of creation
    • Jobs/Payroll

      • Job: BENADM - Benefits Administrator
      • Location: SANF - San Francisco, CA
      • Pay Rate: $0 per Hour
      • Pay Group: CORPBI - Corporate Bi-weekly
      • Scheduled Hours: 0
      • Earnings Group: Admin Earnings Group
      • Deduction/Benefit Group: Administrative
      • Employee Type: CON - Contractor/Consultant
      • Hourly/Salaried: Hourly
      • Full/Part-Time: Full-Time
    • Workforce

      • Employee Access: Yes
        • If other options are unable to be selected, you can edit these after creation by going to the Employee Profile within the Workforce Management page.
    • Time off and Allowances

      • Security Roles: Admin
    • Direct Deposit

      • Leave blank
    • Federal Income Tax

      • Filing Status: Single/Married filing Separately
    • State Taxes

      • State Taxes: Single/Married 2 or More Incomes
      • Select the Correct State Plan: Personal Income Tax Only
      • Disability Plan Type: Elective
      • Filing Status: Single
    • Local Taxes - N/A

    • PTO/Leave Balances

      • Leave blank
    • Summary

      • Click the Save icon located on the top right
  6. Admin has been successfully added to the system.