Initial Integration Set Up

Before enabling your ADP Workforce Now integration, please consider the following.

Authentication Fallback must be enabled

You must opt-in to Authentication Fallback to use the ADP Workforce Now integration. This means if an employer tries and fails to authenticate with credentials 3 times, they will be asked to add Finch as a third-party administrator in order to establish their connection. Step-by-step instructions will be shown in Finch Connect and are available here.

Please note this means that Finch will serve a 202 response for any request for ADP Workforce Now data until the first data sync has completed.

Data syncs may take up to 3 days

Data from ADP Workforce Now may be refreshed less frequently than other automated providers. It can take up to 3 days. We encourage you to set up webhooks to get notified when data syncs have completed or when new data is available.

ADP Workforce Now Cloud is not supported

Please note that we do not support an integration with ADP Workforce Now Cloud. We remind employers of this in our authentication guide.