Organization Product Overview

Organization data is your gateway to a holistic understanding of a company and it’s workforce. Finch’s Organization product enables you to access personal, professional, and income details housed in an employer’s system of record. Organization data can be used to trigger workflows based on employment status, create workforce insights based on salary and tenure, and more.

Finch’s Organization product is comprised of 4 read-only API endpoints.


The /company API endpoint provides essential details about a company. This includes the legal name under which the company operates, its unique Employer Identification Number (EIN) crucial for tax purposes, and the official corporate address where the company is registered.


The /directory API endpoint offers a high-level view of the entire workforce within an organization. This is useful for gaining insights into the current state of the workforce, monitoring new hires, keeping track of terminations, streamlining HR processes with a centralized view of all employees, and more.


The /individual API endpoint provides a detailed view of personal and biographical aspects of an employee. Here, you can access vital details such as an employee’s date of birth, which is essential for age-related benefits and verifications, their residential address for communications and logistics, and other personal details that can be pivotal for HR decisions and processes.


The /employment API endpoint serves as a repository for all employment-centric data about an employee. You can understand compensation structures, track employee tenure by accessing start dates, and gain insights into the geographical distribution of the workforce through work addresses.

Organization Use Cases

Organization data is a powerful tool for many different B2B use cases. Find a few examples of how Finch customers leverage company, directory, individual, and employment data below.

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