Payroll Product Overview

Payroll is essential for any business, which makes payroll software one of the most valuable and reliable sources of truth for employment data. Finch’s Pay product provides a comprehensive view into an employer’s payroll history, from company payments down to specific employee pay statement details. Finch helps classify the data returned to make it easy to understand, with specific types for earnings, taxes, benefits, and more.

Finch’s Payroll product is comprised of 2 read-only API endpoints.


The /payment API endpoint provides the ability to view company payroll payments. This endpoint shows aggregate information about a company’s payruns and links to the individual employee pay statements generated from a payrun.

Pay Statement

The /pay-statement API endpoint provides detailed information about individual pay stubs for each employee. You can use tax and deduction line items to verify that deductions and contributions have been applied, view gross and net pay to determine year-to-date earnings, and view all the details of exactly what goes into an employee’s paycheck.

Pay Group

The /pay-groups API endpoint provides the ability to extract details of all pay groups available for the employer, including description and the payroll frequency. You can also retrieve the pay group(s) associated with any employee to check their on-cycle payment frequencies.

Payroll Use Cases

Payroll data is a powerful tool for many different B2B use cases. Find a few examples of how Finch customers leverage company payment and employee pay statement data below.

  • Retirement & 401K - Streamline recordkeeping audits with standardized, historical payroll data
  • Benefits Administration - Read payroll and benefits data to determine which employees are ready for enrollment
  • Fringe Benefits - Help employers offer fringe benefits like workers compensation, parental leave, and commuter benefits by connecting to their payroll data
  • Financial Planning & Analysis - Base calculations on payroll data from hundreds of providers
  • Compensation Management - Use payroll data to build detailed compensation benchmarks
  • Expense Management - Read payroll contributions to confirm reimbursement
  • Tax Credits - Quickly determine what percentage of payroll expenses were spent on qualifying activities

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