Initial Integration Setup

In order to enable an integration with Gusto, you will need to complete a set of security requirements. Please reach out to your Finch representative to get set up.

In addition, you should create an account in the Gusto Developer portal, where you can sign up as a Gusto developer and agree to Gusto’s Terms of Service. From there, you may generate test keys to use in testing your Finch connection to Gusto.

Follow our full setup guide for more details.

Handling Encrypted SSN

Gusto’s API returns SSN that are encrypted using xsalsa20poly1305, an authenticated encryption cipher. If you have been granted access to SSN data by Gusto, SSN will be supplied in the encrypted_ssn field. Gusto will provide you with a decryption key that only you can use to translate the encrypted value into its original format. For specific details and examples of how to decrypt SSNs, please reach out to your Finch representative.