All security review processes are initiated and guided by your Developer Success Engineer. If you do not have a Developer Success Engineer, please reach out to our Technical Support team at

Please note this process can take a couple of weeks to complete, so it is best to start early.

Gusto Security Review

The Gusto security review begins with a vetting process by Finch. Contact your Developer Success Engineer or to initiate the process. After you have been vetted successfully, you can follow the steps in our Gusto Onboarding Guide to complete the review process. Please note this process can take a couple weeks not including time to set up the required security measures.

TriNet Security Review

After you have initiated the TriNet Security review process with Finch, a field validation spreadsheet will be shared with you to complete. When you have completed and notified your DSE or support that it is complete, Finch will initiate the review process with TriNet. When they have completed the review, your application will be available in their integration center. Once your application is available in the TriNet integration center, your employers can follow the directions provided in Finch Connect to authenticate with TriNet.